Nutley Family Service Bureau, Inc.

Initiative: Blueprint for Building an Inclusive & Healthier Nutley Township
Grant years: 2022–23

Nutley Family Service Bureau is working with the Township of Nutley, Nutley Public Schools, and Nutley Senior Manor, which offers affordable housing, to conduct an inclusive community assessment of Nutley Township to identify disparities, barriers, and resistance that prevent residents with disabilities from full participation in community life.

Participating groups will form an advisory committee representing a wide range of stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities, their families, and guardians; social service providers; community and faith-based organizations; local government; medical organizations; and the school system.

A tested, evidence-based community assessment tool developed by the University of Kansas will be used to gather and organize information over the course of a year. Our community action coalition will also partner with a consultant to develop community surveys and focus groups to gain insights from our residents.

Findings will be shared with Township policymakers, businesses, and Health and Human Services agencies, making recommendations about what can be done to improve access for people with disabilities. The findings will identify which policies, practices, systems, and environmental changes must be developed, strengthened, or improved to enhance the health and well-being of Nutley Township residents with disabilities.

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