Appel Farms Arts & Music Center

Initiative: Creating a more inclusive arts learning environment

Grant years: 2023–24 

Over the past 60 years, Appel Farm Arts & Music Center has delivered transformative arts and learning experiences as the arts education leader in South Jersey. Our programs provide opportunities for arts education, arts appreciation, and creative expression to more than 32,000 children and adults annually. Appel Farm’s core program is our overnight Arts Camp, the state’s only residential summer camp dedicated to arts education. Other programs include: after school arts classes; free community festivals; residencies and professional development for schools; and innovative arts and wellness-based residencies with community partners.

With our IHC grant, Appel Farm will upgrade key elements of our 115-acre campus to create a more inclusive arts learning environment for people with disabilities. Over the next two years, Appel Farm will improve its safety and ADA accessibility through the following campus renovations: installation of new concrete sidewalk paths; installation of LED lighting poles to illuminate the campus at night; and the installation of a wheelchair lift at the entrance to our main office. The pathways and lighting systems will bring the design of campus closer to
principles of universal design, ensuring that any community member can navigate our campus in an efficient manner of their choosing.

Appel Farm Arts and Music Center performance
Appel Farm Arts and Music Center campers