NJ Association of Community Providers (NJACP)

Initiative: NJACP-JESPY Model Program
Grant years: 2021–22, 2022–23

Awarded IHC grants in 2021 and 2022, this project is a partnership between NJACP, SRS Strategic Associates, SRS Strategic Associates, and JESPY House, a nonprofit organization based in South Orange, N.J., that enables adults with Intellectual and Developmental
Disabilities (I/DD) to achieve their full potential and lead independent lives.

The project has two key components. In the first, JESPY clients and staff conducted an accessibility survey of sidewalks, parks, transit stations, and other public spaces in South Orange and reported their findings and a plan for change to the South Orange Board of Trustees.

The second aspect of the project involves people with IDD and other disabilities having a meaningful impact on community policy and decision-making by participating in local government and serving on municipal committees. The project will ultimately result in the development of a model that can be adapted by communities throughout New Jersey.

NJACP JESPY Model Inclusive Healthy Communities Project Executive Summary
NJCAP-JESPY Model Inclusive Healthy Communities Project
JESPY clients at a park
JESPY clients with signs at a meeting
Jespy clients holding mail-in ballots
JESPY clients at a park