Borough of Freehold

Initiative: Improving Access to Health Care
Grant years: 2022–23, 2023–24

Grant One: 2022–23
The Borough of Freehold is collaborating with Neighborhood Connections to Health and the Freehold Family Health Center to assess gaps in access to health care for those with disabilities and other underserved populations such as LBGTQ, undocumented people, and those most at risk for chronic disease.

The project aims to create a plan to address the barriers, educate the community on Freehold Family Health Center services, and make meaningful connections to ensure better access for individuals with disabilities. Community health days, focus groups, and an advisory committee including people with disabilities will inform policy changes and amendments to the Health Center’s strategic plan. 

Grant Two: 2023–24
In the second phase of our IHC initiative, the Borough of Freehold, Neighborhood Connections to Health, and the Freehold Family Health Center are once again partnering to ensure that members of the Freehold community, regardless of disability, age, income, gender, race, immigration, or any other social identity, are connected to a fully inclusive and supportive medical home.

The Freehold team will recruit and educate families about the importance of health advocacy to make informed change within healthcare systems. The team will empower underserved community members to utilize available health services and refer families to the Freehold Family Health Center for primary and specialized care. The initiative fosters a Patient Advisory Council, providing a platform for full inclusion of the disability community and involving them in discussions around healthcare needs and barriers in order to make equitable recommendations for amendments at the Center. 

Additional partnerships with caregivers and disability professionals ensure that the Freehold Family Health Center considers recommendations for equitable change, such as structural improvements and referral-based Electronic Medical Record system changes. The Freehold team thanks the Division of Disability Services and the Inclusive Healthy Communities grant program for supporting efforts in disability justice in our community.