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The New Jersey Inclusive Healthy Communities Grant Program: A Community of Practice Advancing Disability Inclusion

Rebecca Martin / Social Innovations Journal
September 14, 2023

The New Jersey Inclusive Healthy Communities (IHC) grant program, administered by the NJ Department of Human Services/Division of Disability Services (DDS), is a pioneering effort to enhance health equity for personswith disabilities (PWD) throughout the state. Theprogram champions Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes aimed at addressing health disparities experienced by PWD. By prioritizing PWD’sactive and meaningfulinvolvement and employing a Universal Design approach, IHC seeks to foster integrated and equitable environments.This article provides background into programmatic priorities that define the IHC approach and emphasizesthe importance of capacity building within a community of practice when working toward sustainable PSE change. Challenges useful to other programs seeking to replicate this work are also discussed.


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